Yes, here it comes again – a vitriolic attack on HMRC.  And no apologies for this. A few weeks ago, I was asked to help out a client who was getting some grief from HMRC about some outstanding returns – and about £70k allegedly owing.  I duly wrote to HMRC, on 19 February 2010, but… Read More

Well, here it is – the announcement in the Pre-Budget Report of the VAT rate being reduced to 15%. The first VAT rate change since 1991, if I’m not mistaken. Personally, I don’t see it making a big difference to the man in the street but it will have an effect on many businesses, unfortunately… Read More

In a remarkable burst of penny-pinching, HMRC have announced that they are no longer issuing pre-paid envelopes with VAT returns. They will still enclose an addressed envelope, but it will be up to the taxpayer to put a stamp on the envelope. They have not commented on whether an unstamped envelope will be put to… Read More

The downturn in the property world has various effects. Not only are properties failing to sell, but there is a hidden sting in the tail. The reason for this is that when a developer constructs a new house for sale, he is entitled to reclaim the VAT that has been spent out on materials. If… Read More