The world is awash with advice and assistance as regards how to avoid the increase – up to 20% on 4/1/11, if you didn’t already know. In that light, I will add a shortened version on how to avoid it: Goods Buy it before 4/1/11 – VAT remains at 17.5%. Services Have the service, whatever… Read More

Once again I am headed off to Olympia in London for the Listed Property Show, for two days of providing one-to-one advice to those who perchance own a listed building. In addition, I will be giving a couple of talks about the riveting subject of VAT, which will doubtless provoke interest, boredom, or even sleep… Read More

The downturn in the property world has various effects. Not only are properties failing to sell, but there is a hidden sting in the tail. The reason for this is that when a developer constructs a new house for sale, he is entitled to reclaim the VAT that has been spent out on materials. If… Read More