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Two posts relating to MOSS – this is getting tedious, but I feel that I must share this one.

I mentioned in the last post that many multi-nationals would have registered for VAT in the likes of Madeira or Luxembourg.  Well, that advantage was removed from 1 January 2015, as the VAT revenue it was enjoying would now accrue to the other Member States where a significant number of customers were.  The obvious effect is that the revenue streams that Luxembourg enjoyed have been somewhat diminished.  Poor Luxembourg, I hear you say.  But please don’t waste any sympathy on them as they allegedly threatened to block the 1 January 2015 changes, unless the EU collectively agreed to make up the loss in revenue – to the tune of €1.1 billion over four years!  I had expected that Luxembourg was voluntarily paying some of their earlier windfalls to the EU when all the US multi-nationals moved in, but oddly enough I’ve been unable to find anything of that nature.  On a brighter note, though, the UK stands to benefit to the tune of about €360m per annum as a result of sales to the UK.


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